Monday, June 16, 2014

US Hwy 191: Into Utah

You're still on the Navajo Indian Reservation when US191 north crosses into Utah. The view remains the same and you start to wonder -- at least I started to wonder -- if you'll ever get out of the desert.

About 30 miles north of the border, US191 crosses the San Juan River which marks the boundary of the reservation. Immediately on the other side, you're inspired by the prospect of better views.

For the next 100 miles north, the drive is a succession of ascents and descents -- some of them 6% grades or better -- amongst attractive geological surroundings with proper mountains in the distance.

I've stopped in the town of Moab, UT, a very popular tourist spot with two national parks -- Arches and Canyonlands -- to the east and west. I plan to stay here for a couple of days to check it out... Stay tuned!

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