Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy: Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm happy because it's "Take your dog to work day"!

I'm a lucky dog because I go to work with Macgellan everyday! I'm sad for any dog who doesn't. Maybe your bosses will soon understand that it's better for everyone — canines, humans and their co-workers — if we're always together like we are meant to be!

Today was chore day for us, which is always one of my favorite days. Macgellan gets busy doing so many different things and it's really entertaining to watch him. Today's chores included updating our website, planning our next few days on the road, doing laundry and shopping for supplies, including some yummy new treats for me!

Macgellan said he just couldn't stand all the desert dust in our truck anymore, so another big chore was cleaning it out. I didn't really notice it was so dirty, frankly, but he's the boss! He started by using that noisy, evil vacuum machine I really don't like, but soon said some bad words and switched over to soapy water, rags and sprays.

Here's a picture of me at work under our camper while he was using the evil machine, and another of me at work outside on the grass while he was using the quiet, nice smelling stuff.

Macgellan said something about the desert dust being bad enough, but a whole second dog's worth of fur was just too much. That didn't make any sense to me at all, because I'm the only dog who ever rides in our truck. Sometimes he says the funniest things!

Anyway, if you ever want a spokesdog for a "Take your dog to work everyday" campaign, just let me know. That's a cause I could really get after!

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