Wednesday, June 04, 2014

US Hwy 70: Last Leg Into Arizona

There's often little fanfare crossing borders on my drives. On US70 into Arizona, this is all you get:

US 70 runs only 120 miles into Arizona before it ends in the town of Globe. It originally ran to the coast, but has been successively truncated due to the proximate high speed interstates. It's an interesting 120 miles however, as it climbs and tracks the contours of rolling terrain.

Much of the road crosses the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, which seems to me to have been a pretty bad deal from a land-quality perspective. It's beautiful but not much use, no?

There are a few settlements along the route, none of which looked very appealing or prosperous.

A few more miles over the next rise is the town of Globe where US70 ends... Stay tuned!

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