Saturday, June 21, 2014

US Hwy 191: Flaming Gorge, Into Wyoming

Leaving Vernal, UT, driving north on US191 is another long, steep, uphill slog to a pass at almost 8,500 feet. I stopped at a viewpoint part way up to take a last look at the Uintah Basin geology.

Over the pass and down quite a few steep switchbacks, this sudden view demands another stop.

Standing on the primary fault that is the source/cause of all the amazing local geography, you can really see the up and down shifting that is called the Flaming Gorge. The ancient Green River still runs through the middle of it all, now dammed to create an extensive reservoir and recreation area. Bad luck that it was so hazy and overcast today, because the colors are world famous!

Continuing down the Gorge is a lovely drive, with many twists and elevation changes. If you look closely, you can see the road in the distance and the prospects yet to be navigated.

Just about the time you cross the border into Wyoming, the beautiful part of the Gorge is behind you. It's still an enjoyable drive as you traverse the green rolling hills of the high plains.

I've stopped in the town of Rock Springs, WY, where you may recall I passed through on my US30 coast-to-coast road trip. You may also recall that I got marooned here for five days of bad weather last spring during my US20 coast-to-coast drive. Because I know the area so well, I'm only planning to stay for the night and continue north to Jackson, WY, in the morning... Stay tuned!

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