Thursday, June 12, 2014

US Hwy 191: Alpine Stay

The main reason I've stayed a few days in Alpine, AZ, is that the weather has been great, almost as spectacular as the view. Here's a better photo than the one I posted on Sunday (Click to embiggen)

Another reason is that I've been moving pretty fast and some chores have become overdue. While I've been here, I've fixed a few things on my rig, given it a thorough cleaning, sorted cabinets and gear, restocked supplies, done laundry and cleared out the fridge. On the personnel roster, Happy has had a thorough dog-care day (bath, nails, ears, etc.) and I've been to a dentist for a cleaning.

Still more reason is that everyone in Alpine is very nice, friendly and pleasant to hang out with. That's especially true about my new best friends at the Foxfire at Alpine restaurant, a real gem.

I've eaten there three nights in a row, and when I arrived last night this sign was waiting for me at "my" table.

Once again, my strategy of sticking with a good thing once found has paid off on my ongoing Voyages of Macgellan.

Last night was "Pickin' Night" and a number of local musicians got together to play all kinds of music.

After dining, I got Happy out of her truck lair and we had a great time hanging out on the patio with a number of other folks and dogs.

You just can't beat good food, good music, good folks, a perfect sunset and a Laphroaig on the rocks!

I've also done some quality route planning going forward.

Since changing my border-to-border plan from US95 to US191, I've needed some time to figure out a few things.

It looks like there's some great exploration in my near future and, after a few days in Alpine, I'm feeling ready to voyage into the wilderness tomorrow morning… Stay tuned!

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