Sunday, June 29, 2014

US Hwy 191: Livingston, MT

Livingston, MT, is a delightfully charming little town. The clean, tidy, historic downtown area has a lively and prosperous feel to it that's a very welcome relief from all the broken down towns I've so recently seen. The mountain backdrop only adds to its appeal, even on a rainy and overcast day.

Livingston was born with the arrival of the railroads and became an important depot in cross-country rail service. Freight still runs through here, but discontinuation of passenger trains made the stunning 1902 depot building available to become the Livingston Depot Center and the town's centerpiece.

The well restored interior offers a glimpse into what was once the grandeur of rail travel. Extensive exhibits chronicle every age and stage of railroad history, with special focus on Livingston's role in it.

Across the tracks and a few blocks away is the Yellowstone Gateway Museuem which shares county's broader history.

It's a well above average local museum, with wide-ranging displays of settlers' life, local luminaries and native history.

There's an especially nice exhibit about the Lewis & Clark expedition in the area.

When Clark reached the Yellowstone River here, he described it as "wide, bold, rapid and deep."

On its bank is located Livingston's third jewel, a beautiful little town park named in honor of Sacajawea.

An elegant statue depicts her and her son on horseback while the animal drinks from the river.

The surrounding playgrounds, ball fields and picnic shelters are all tidy and inviting. A walking trail along the river offers a delightful stroll.

To say the least, I like Livingston a lot and strongly recommend it as a place to visit, enjoy and relax.

The skies are clearing, the temperatures are cool and the people are very friendly. There's a great little coffee shop, a few tasty looking restaurants and even a tiny downtown movie theater.

With all that on offer, I plan to stay here for another couple of days… Stay tuned!

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