Thursday, April 04, 2013

US Hwy 20: "Begin"!

It's a good thing Happy and I went to the beach as soon as we arrived in Newport yesterday, because the weather today has been really nasty: Bitter cold, heavy rain and high winds. Not good for a day at the beach!

Instead, we did chores this morning, getting supplies and fuel, sorting gear, etc. I visited the famous aquarium, but honestly wasn't very impressed. The local historical museum was pretty limited, and the Ripley's franchise was goofy. All in all, I can't really recommend the area for much other than the beach.

It's also a good thing I got a photo of the US Hwy 20 "Begin" sign yesterday, now sharing it with you to document that we are positioned and ready to hit the road going east tomorrow morning!

Click here to see exactly where I am posting this from on Google Maps.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium which is south of your push pin? It's different than the OSU complex. The students really liked walking through the tube with fish swimming over and under them. The jelly fish exhibit is pretty spectacular , also.fifty-
Have a safe and happy trail east.
Stella and Louise