Monday, April 15, 2013

US Hwy 20 -- Detour: "What Do I Get If I Win?"

One of the most important things I've ever learned (Thanks JW) is to ask myself a very important question any time I'm making plans: "What do I get if I win?"

I don't know about you, but sometimes I can get so focused on tackling whatever challenge is right in front of me that I don't look carefully enough at what I'd be facing after it if I'm successful.

Another way of looking at this was made clear to me once (Thanks KDG) by the question: "Now that you've succeeded in bashing your head through the wall of your prison cell, what are you going to do in the cell next door?"... Good question!

I've asked myself both of these questions this morning, and I've profited greatly from the process. Bottom line: I'm staying put for a couple of days.

We had snow flurries overnight, continuing this morning, and predicted for the next couple of day. The roads and passes are described in marginal terms, but definitely not good, pretty or fun.

I'm sure I could make it out of Rock Springs if I had to, but what would I get "if I win" and make it to some other location like Casper? Answer: More of the same. Then what?

The consensus weather prediction is for the current weather system to have cleared the region by Wednesday or Thursday. After that, mostly sunny, warmer and dry with light winds... Perfect!

So, I'm going to fire up the coffee pot, set up "world headquarters of me right now" and put my head down into a few projects for a couple of days. I've always got plenty on my plate, and here's a chance to get after it for a while. Color me happy!

Speaking of Happy, she's in her element! Cold, windy and snowing... What more could a sled dog want? I keep asking her if she wants to come inside and sleep on the bed, but she demurs and does her little happy dance instead. She doesn't care what's next... She's Happy in the moment!

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Mom in pa said...

Good choice... Why fight it!

Anonymous said...

After I bash my head through the prison cell wall I always look forward to doing it again so I can check out the cell on the other side of it. If I do this often enough I will surely get a pony, right?