Saturday, April 06, 2013

US Hwy 20: Central Oregon

There's a point on every road trip where something clicks, a change from "hitting the road" to being "on the road." Today was that day as I crossed the high desert of central Oregon, thoroughly enjoying a few hours of straight roads and wide open spaces.

This landscape is a hallmark of every cross-country drive. An elevation of 4,000+ feet combines with arid conditions to give the flora very little to work with. What the ground lacks in variety, the sky more than makes up for. Especially on these long, straight roads, you can really see its dynamics unfold before you. Beautiful, and sometimes breathtaking.

I've stopped in a little oasis town called Burns. You can see that mine is the only rig in the place, giving Happy plenty of room to play and providing evidence that we are very early in the season!

I mentioned to some folks last night that I'd be stopping here in Burns, and they informed me that there's nothing here. You know how much I love little towns in the middle of nowhere, so you can be sure I've taken that as a personal challenge to see what I can find here… Stay tuned!

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