Saturday, April 20, 2013

US Hwy 20: Farewell Wyoming

An ominous snow-sky was rolling into Casper this morning, confirming my decision to move east ahead of it. Frankly, I've had enough troubles in Wyoming and really didn't want to get stuck again.

East of Casper, US Hwy 20 is subsumed into I-25, along with US 26 and US 87. This is another example of routes "pinching" together in a place where there's no earthly reason to build more than one road. Looking east was very pleasant across the rolling, snow-covered landscape. The road itself was clear, dry, lightly travelled and in pretty good shape after a hard winter.

About a hour east, US Hwy 20 regains its independence as a two-lane route toward the border. The scenery remained nice, and it was a good drive for about an hour to the town of Lusk, WY, where I stopped for lunch. (Note: I've got a great story about Lusk which I'll post later today or tomorrow!)

Heading east from Lusk, the terrain starts to change and drop to a lower altitude. There's still some snow in spots, but the land becomes noticeably greener and more inviting.

Thirty minutes later, I crossed the border into Nebraska and everything immediately changed for the better… Stay tuned!

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