Friday, April 19, 2013

US Hwy 20: Back On Track!

The weather was perfect when I pulled out of Lander, WY, this morning: crisp not freezing, clear not snowing, calm not blowing. Plus, the scenery was lovely as I headed north toward the mountains.

About a half-hour into the drive, the wind kicked up for no apparent reason -- a perfect cross-wind from the left -- and I caught this actual tumbleweed crossing my path.

Considering how close it is to the front of my truck at 55mph, you might think I ran over it. Nope, it blew across in plenty of time for me to miss it with room to spare!

A half-hour after that, I entered the little town of Shoshoni, WY, and was thrilled to see signage that I was finally rejoining US Hwy 20 going east. Hurray!

After a week-long detour, I've only missed a couple hundred miles of my intended route!

From Shoshoni, it's a hundred-mile, straight shot to Casper. For the first half the landscape was completely barren, but approaching Casper there was ample evidence of recent snow. Considering how bad the weather has been here, the road conditions are quite good overall.

Nevertheless, the area is pretty much a mess: That slushy, dirty yuck you get after snowstorms, road sanding, etc. The forecast is for another storm to move through over the weekend. Considering both of these factors, I'm going to just spent the rest of the day and night here… Stay tuned!

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