Friday, April 05, 2013

US Hwy 20: Western Oregon

It was still cold, rainy and windy when we pulled out of Newport this morning, so it was a damp, foggy drive through the woods from the coast. It was still a pleasant ride, as spring is showing signs of life with the trees starting to bloom and everything "greening up."

A little farther east we crossed two passes over the Cascade Mountains. The road was very wet but still quite good, and I'm impressed with how well my new road rig handled. The scenery wasn't very good, in that dirty snow-melt time between winter wonderland and spring bloom.

Over the mountains and up on the "high desert" the skies cleared a bit and everything dried out nicely. One of the things I enjoy most about these road trips is passing through so many changes of climate, sometimes many in a single day!

We've stopped in Bend, OR, and since I've been here before we're just going to spend the night and push a little farther east tomorrow… Stay tuned!

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Addendum by Happy: "I don't really know what Macgellan is talking about. Besides a walk at lunchtime and a cookie during a coffee break, I slept the whole time! Once we got to our new kennel, I had a really good romp in the dog park. So many new smells every time we stop!"

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