Sunday, April 21, 2013

US Hwy 20: Chadron, Nebraska

The first thing you'll notice about my visit to Chadron, NE, is that I'm continuing my pattern of being nearly the only rig in the RV park. The other two rigs that are here aren't even occupied, being parked here for the winter. (Have I mentioned that I'm doing this trip a little early in the season?)

The place is so empty that the owners aren't even here and the office is closed. I've self-registered, kind of on the honor system. The power and water are on, and I've been able to dump my waste tanks now that they're unfrozen. The restroom, shower room and laundry are all clean and tidy, and the internet is even pretty good. Color me happy!

Speaking of Happy, she's in heaven too. With nobody around, she's been able to go berserk as a free-running, loose dog. After three solid days of sleeping in the truck and rig, even she's ready for some exercise!

The highway frontage road in Chadron isn't very appealing, mostly gas stations, fast food and a few motels. The "main" street downtown has preserved a bit of it's old-town feel, but with a Wal-Mart less than a mile away there's not much going on. It's sparse even for a Sunday morning, but there's a movie theater with an afternoon matinee, so I might just take advantage of that.

There are at least a dozen bars in the few square blocks of downtown, plus an assortment of small shops and other specialty stores/offices. One novelty is a pair of plaque at the small Blaine Hotel, commemorating a 1,000-mile horse race from Chadron to Chicago in 1893.

Happy and I had to smile at the fact it took horses 14 days to do the run over the plains in summer, compared to the 10 days she and her pack mates did a longer run from Anchorage to Nome in the Alaskan winter. To quote the Hapster: "Dogs rule, horses drool!"

My favorite establishment in town sports this signage out front, testimony to the fact that you've got to diversify if you're going to make it in a small competitive environment.

I'm taking advantage of pleasant weather this afternoon to sort out my rig, do some chores, play with Happy and generally take a break.

It's really nice here in Chadron, but the forecast is for some more weather to roll in tomorrow, so I'm going to continue moving east tomorrow… Stay tuned!

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