Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy: Happyday Inn Express, Lander, WY

Hi I'm Happy!... I'm always Happy!... Today I'm at a Happyday Inn Express!

I could tell that Macgellan had a hard day on the road, but I don't really know why. I slept just fine all day in my co-pilot seat!

Anyway, we've checked into a really nice dog house for the night. It's in Lander, Wyoming, and it's called the Happyday Inn Express! (No, wait, Macgellan says that's wrong. It's called the Holiday Inn Express... My bad.)

While we were checking in, the boss lady said I'm really sweet and gave me a cookie. Then she asked if she could take a photo with me, and of course I said yes!

It's a pretty good shot, though I'm not exactly looking at the camera like I normally do. You see, I was a bit distracted -- and a little distressed even -- by this big door that kept sliding open and closed all on its own. I don't really like things like that, so I had to keep my eye on it to make sure it wasn't evil.

Anyway, we're all settled in. Macgellan brought in my bed so I'm comfy on the floor. It's shedding season, you know, and I'm a thoughtful dog hotel guest. No big bed for me tonight!

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