Thursday, April 11, 2013

US Hwy 20: Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls straddles the Snake River where it descends a wide but modest natural falls. The falls have been tamed by an extensive weir that creates a pleasant little lake in the middle of town.

I spent the day exploring, and I like what I've seen. The town's features range from grain elevators and stockyards along the railroad tracks, to a lively -- even bustling -- historical commercial center, and a contemporary perimeter that has all the modern chain stores, restaurants, etc. A population of about 50,000 -- somewhat higher including the surrounding area -- puts it right in the size range I like: Big enough to have plenty going on, but small enough to really grasp, know and enjoy.

One of my favorite features is a very large, elaborate water sculpture in the middle of a major roundabout.

At first it seems to be a bit out of place -- and maybe a little overdone -- but a few minutes of viewing convinces that it fits the milieu well.

I spent a pleasant couple of hours at the Museum of Idaho which offers a pretty good permanent collection of local history and currently has an extensive temporary collection of antique carousels.

I now know less about the area than I'd like to, and more about carousels than I ever imagined!

I'm going to stay here tomorrow, partly to explore and hang out, but also to figure out how I'm going to get over the mountains to the east. There's quite a bit to that story which I will try to explain tomorrow... Stay tuned!

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Lisa B said...

Hi Mac & Happy - longtime SP Kennel fan here who obviously doesn't check out your site often enough, since I'm finding that you are more than a week into a new traveling adventure. It's so nice to read that you have a perfect canine companion to keep you company and who is enjoying the adventure. I really enjoy your travel posts so I will make sure to check back more frequently and read about the trip. Safe travels to you!