Saturday, July 14, 2012

US Hwy 30: Atlantic City, NJ - York, PA

Note: Part of the reason I returned to York via Atlantic City from Watkins Glen last week was to "cover" the first part of US Hwy 30 without having to drive to the coast and back this weekend. Here's a quick recap of that first, short leg!)

US Hwy 30 begins at the Virginia Avenue intersection of Absecon Boulevard in Atlantic City, without any kind of signage to that effect. It isn't until a couple of blocks later that the first "official" sign appears. This is quite different from most other US Hwy termini which prominently display a "Start" sign, and often a "distance to the other end" marker.

In researching this oddity, I discovered that US 30 used to have such signs, but they were torn down during a recent urban renovation. I guess that noting the beginning of a major US Hwy isn't nearly as important as pointing to the parking lot of a casino... Go figure!

The first hour of driving takes you across a pretty flat and uninspiring terrain, punctuated by some rather odd little towns. It's not a bad drive, just not particularly interesting. Soon enough, you cross the Ben Franklin bridge into Philadelphia and begin the trek across the long state of Pennsylvania.

The road continues as a major, divided highway for the next hour or so, with an increase in foliage and a clear sense of rolling hills. This move into "farm country" is both relaxing and reassuring, offering pleasant views and hope for a more enjoyable drive. I pulled off US Hwy 30 at PA Route 74 in York, where I will re-start this coast-to-coast expedition as soon as I reconfigure my road rig for the long-haul drive ahead!

Note: I'm on track to re-start the drive tomorrow morning... Stay tuned!)

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