Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US Hwy 30 -- Detour: Southern Repositioning

I was up and out in proper order this morning to drive south out of Door county. The road mostly passes by tidy, prosperous looking farms and through a number of inviting lakeside towns which -- I will admit -- strengthened my interest in returning for an extended stay sometime in the future.

I had hoped to drive far enough south to rejoin US Hwy 30 today, but a three hour traffic jam in Milwaukee pretty much scuttled that plan. My experience of Wisconsin's roads is that they're generally pretty crummy, and that combined with extensive construction throughout Milwaukee to make a complete mess.

Past that debacle and into northern Illinois the roads were not much better, still cruising past relatively prosperous looking farms but trading pretty shoreline villages for post-industrial, broken down little towns. Taken as a whole, I'd have to call it a wash: A necessary "repositioning" day on the road to set myself up to rejoin US Hwy 30 west tomorrow… Stay tuned!

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