Sunday, July 15, 2012

US Hwy 30: Western Pennsylvania

I pulled out of my long-term, winter/spring headquarters this morning and drove down to York -- where I left US Hwy 30 last week -- and had a farewell breakfast with my good friend John. After that, it was down to business on the continuation of my coast-to-coast expedition. It turned out to be a much harder day than I expected, and both Darth and I got a real workout to get us back in "road mode" shape in a hurry!

First of all, US Hwy 30 is very congested west of York and the road goes through many towns, each of which has its own version of a central park with a roundabout that must be navigated. The congestion in Gettysburg was increased today by a large Harley-Davidson event that was going on, and I was happy to get through town and glimpse the famous battlefield (which I've already visited so many times and know so well that I drove right through!)

The congestion continues right through Chambersburg, then the road becomes quite nasty. Crossing western Pennsylvania means crossing a significant set of mountains, during which the steep climbs and descents are also quite winding. There's a reason why the modern interstates use long tunnels dug through the mountains, and though Darth faithfully did his thing as always, I could tell he didn't really care for the exertion in 90 degree heat!

I was treated to some nice views at times, as well as occasional artwork to signify that I was driving on the famous Lincoln Highway. I was also treated to a few very heavy thunderstorms, which didn't do anything to make the day's drive any easier!

I've stopped for the day just short of Pittsburgh, which I plan to push through tomorrow and well into Ohio.... Stay tuned!

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