Monday, July 16, 2012

US Hwy 30: Into Ohio

While driving through Pittsburgh this morning, I have to admit I had a few second-thoughts about the whole "driving all of US 30" thing. Right on the heels of yesterday's challenging drive across the western PA mountains, it took almost two hours to cross Pittsburgh in a mix of stop-start suburban traffic and white knuckle urban thruways.

West of Pittsburgh, the road settled down a bit and eventually became a nice-ish rural road. It wasn't in the best shape, but the hills and turns were quite manageable which gave me and Darth a bit of a break. Upon entering Ohio, US Hwy 30 becomes an excellent, smooth, wide affair that was downright peaceful to drive by comparison to what has been offered so far.

In places, the road narrows to a two lane country road that passes through pleasant little towns and offers some remnants of Americana, especially barns painted with advertisements.

I drove this part of US Hwy 30 in the opposite direction near the beginning of my first Voyage of Macgellan, and today found myself generally remembering it. That actually surprised me, especially considering just how many places I've been and how many roads I've driven since then!

Toward the middle of the state, US Hwy 30 opens up again to be a fast, wide, rolling road. Virtually everywhere, you can find various acknowledgements of the road's famous namesake and history. The only problem with this part of the drive was the heat, which I have to admit got to be pretty wearing on both me and Darth.

I've stopped for the day in the vicinity of Mansfield, and plan to stay here tomorrow. In addition to some exploring I want to do, I've got some chores on the list to take care of. Plus, after two straight days of hard driving I'm ready for a bit of a break before I push west through Indiana and on toward Chicago… Stay tuned!

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