Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frederick, Maryland

I went to Frederick, MD, for this past long weekend. I’d heard it is a very nice little city, an opinion which I am happy to confirm in full.

Like many little cities in the area, Frederick is an old town with a lot of history. I enjoyed touring the Civil War Monocacy Battlefield and the informative — though slightly creepy — Museum of Civil War Medicine. The city boasts being the home of Francis Scott Key and many other notables, most of whom can be found in its Mount Olivet Cemetery.

From a more contemporary perspective, Frederick has a number of very nice parks, especially the attractive Carroll Creek park which winds its way through town. There are also numerous fine dining establishments, cozy wine bars and other tasteful establishments. Unlike many other old cities in the area, Frederick is clean, tidy and comfortable to wander around.

My favorite attraction, I must admit, is the Road and Rails Museum. Housed in what was originally the town’s first power generating facility, the Museum’s main display covers well over a thousand square feet and is densely packed with all manner of scale model trains, trucks, cars, buildings, etc.

Everywhere you look are themed areas depicting history and eras of popular culture. The detail is exquisite, and the curators’ delightful humor can be found everywhere. All around the display are lighted buttons which you can press to set things in motion. Fun for all ages, believe me!

Besides being an enjoyable viewing experience, the museum is an inspiring testament to the founders’ passion, vision, dedication and hard work. It’s also a powerful reminder that if you follow your bliss, there’s no limit to how you can make your living! Kudos to you, gentlemen!

If you find yourself in the area, Frederick is well worth a couple of days at least... Stay tuned!

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