Monday, July 09, 2007

Haircut Chronicle: #8 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Img_1484 Img_1482_2 Img_1483

#8 - July 10, 2007, Edinburgh, Scotland. Just a month after my last cut, I was feeling -- and looking -- a bit scruffy. I explained to Janet in Scotch-English that I wanted “A wee bit of a trim” and she was eager to get started. Minutes later my hair was the shortest it’s been in 40 years! (It looks better than in this photo.) Cost: 10 Pounds ($20)


Kay said...

This is the worst haircut yet - did you go out in public like this? K

Macgellan said...

I agree! Not only the worst haircut on The Voyage, but probably the worst in my life! Of course I went out in public like this... I had to. People think it's all fun and games on The Voyage, but it's not!