Monday, February 18, 2008

Dram: Driza-Dog!

Drizadog1 Drizadog2
How cute is this!

A "Driza-Bone" is the "Down Under" -- and arguably best -- version of a full-length, waterproof riding coat. While wandering around Invercargill today I happened to see this modified version for dogs! They come in all sizes from puny to gigantic, and you can even get them with fleece lining for those really cold days!

I was really tempted to send one to Teddy in time for the Iditarod -- which starts in just 10 days! -- but I'm pretty sure all the other dogs would be jealous and make fun of her for having such a cool coat! (Plus, Aliy has plenty to do without having to manage a custom wardrobe for my dog!)

So, it'll have to be the thought that counts... Good luck to all of my human and canine friends in this year's Iditarod! I'll miss you again this year, but maybe next year...?

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