Saturday, August 01, 2009

Darth Goes To The Rodeo!

My good friend Marty has two daughter -- Samantha and Kelsey -- who are both avid horsewomen and barrel racers. While I was having dinner with them all last night, the girls told me about a race they had scheduled for today. They were very excited, all except for driving their father's "little" pickup to haul their horse trailer. To hear them tell it, the poor truck could barely do the job.

You can probably guess that I offered them Darth's services for the event, which they enthusiastically accepted. They were practically beside themselves at the prospect of, as they put it, having an easy drive and showing up at the race in a "real, big, tough, fancy truck!"

When I showed up this morning and we hooked up the trailer, however, they were quite surprised -- and a little intimidated, I think -- when I said that one of them would have to drive. I wasn't worried about Darth, but there was absolutely no way I was going to take responsibility for driving their horses around!

So, Marty gave Sam a quick rundown on all the driver controls that she's not accustomed to -- especially the foot pedal adjustments which meant that she could sit up really high and still reach them! -- and off they went.

I enjoyed seeing Darth hooked up to the horse trailer and realizing he's just a natural at this kind of stuff. One look at the happy couples and you can see they were all enjoying themselves, too!

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