Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aleutian Islands Exploration Begins

Months ago, my mom and I scheduled a cruise-based exploration of the Aleutian Islands. My original plan had been to hang out up in Alaska and meet her there, but by the time I'd completed the Haul Road trip I was kinda "done" with Alaska. So, rather than hang around and drive south after our cruise, I got the long drive done early and will fly back up to meet her in Anchorage tomorrow.

I've got four main reasons for wanting to explore the Aleutian Islands, besides the simple fact that I've always just wanted to go there: Culture, History (especially WWII), Geology and Wildlife.

Our cruise itinerary is pretty complex, but will basically follow the route you can see below: Anchorage, Katmai, Dutch Harbor, Adak, Attu and Petropovlovsk. We will stop at a number of other islands along the way, but those should be the highlights.

I do not expect to have internet access during the trip, but I will post complete coverage after I return... Stay tuned!

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