Friday, May 06, 2011

VoM2: Hirtshals, Denmark

I had my doubts about Hirtshals the moments I stepped off the train. The station is quite literally attached to a huge, sprawling ferry terminal and industrial port complex. At least, I figured, it couldn’t be any worse than my recent experiences at Holyhead and Harwich.

A couple of blocks down the road toward my hotel, I passed a nice little fishing boat harbor and thought maybe the town had some charm after all. I then strolled through the requisite, tidy little shopping block and found myself situated on a charming town square.

It turns out that Hirtshals is a really nice little town on the North Sea. It is visually dominated by a large lighthouse that has a very well preserved WWII coastal battery bunker right next to it. The beach is handsomely rugged, strewn with other remnants of the war era, and offered me an excellent, windy walk by the sea.

There is an adorable little maritime museum, but the town itself is kind of an outdoor museum with sculptures of seafaring life and people pretty much everywhere. Plus, I made friends with a really great dog… and that always brightens my day!

The moral of the story? Don’t judge a town by its train station!

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