Saturday, July 09, 2011

VoM2: Closing The Loop

As you can see on the map, The Voyage of Macgellan 2.0 has concluded and I’ve returned to Seattle!

The short version of the story is that my plans to continue east and transit Russia/Siberia had gotten progressively more complicated, difficult and expensive. After spending such a fantastic six months exploring North Atlantic islands and coasts, I just wasn’t feeling motivated to slog through three months of hassle and hardship just to complete my original plan.

I looked at completing the circumnavigation by taking a freighter from Europe all the way east to North America, but that would require about 60 days at sea. I love freighter travel, but that seemed like a long trip without much opportunity for exploration just to technically complete the circumnavigation.

So, I toasted my successful Voyage and got on a non-stop flight from Reykjavik to Seattle, with no regrets about my decision. I’m actually quite happy about it all. It was a great Voyage and I accomplished all of my most important objectives. I didn’t complete the original plan or the circumnavigation, but even in that I’m proud to have been able to take a pause, take a realistic view of circumstances and make a good decision for myself.

Thus, The Voyage of Macgellan 2.0 is officially over, and I thank you for joining me!

I expect to be in the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks, catching up with myself and handling the usual issues that have cropped up during my long time out in the world. I don’t have any set plans going forward, but I’m leaning toward a nice, long US road trip in my truck/camper rig. If I’m lucky, maybe a dog will pick me and go along for the ride!

As always, I wish you fair winds and following seas during your own life’s journeys…

Best, Macgellan

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