Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bermuda Departure Update

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty nasty day, raining almost the whole time and blowing like mad. So, we extended our stay at the RBYC in Hamilton.

Today is very nice, with a sunny, bright blue sky and plenty of wind. Sadly, the wind has been coming from exactly the direction we want to sail. Since we'd have to spend so much time -- and effort -- fighting our way into it and tacking so far off our desired course, we're better off just waiting for better wind.

The weather gurus are assuring us that the wind will indeed "clock around" overnight and be good for us by mid-day tomorrow.

Our "plan of the moment" is to move the boat to St. George's this afternoon and be in position for finally setting sail tomorrow.

For centuries, mariners to and from Bermuda have faced our exact same circumstances, so we feel like we're in good company!

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Anonymous said...

Loving the posts David! I am now in Hong Kong reading about your adventures... Isn't technology cool? Can't wait to hear updates following landfall in the Virgin Islands.