Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tortola Transit - Day 2

Our fabulous winds eased quite a bit during the night and required some pretty constant course and sail adjustments to keep the boat moving in good trim. We have settled right into our watch schedule -- 2-hours on, 6-hours off -- made much easier than our run down to Bermuda by the addition of our fourth crewman!

The winds have stayed light all day, but we've made a pretty consistent 7 knots. The boat has correspondingly settled down as well, so we've been able to cook meals, take naps and work the boat with some degree of comfort and control.

Pete is an avid fisherman who has wasted no time breaking out the trolling gear he picked up in Bermuda and dragging it off the back rail of the boat!

We are all very hopeful he catches a fish soon, though tonight we had to suffer through the sunset without Tuna sushi!

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