Thursday, March 28, 2013

US Hwy 20: "The Longest Road" Preview

On Monday morning, Happy and I will be pulling out of our "winter camp" in Anacortes, WA, to begin our migration to "summer camp" on the east coast. For our route, we've selected US Highway 20, another of the classic trans-continental roads. Spanning 3,365 miles, it is recognized as the longest road in the United States.

Starting on the west coast in Newport, OR, we will cross through the heart of Oregon and Idaho. Passing through Yellowstone Park in northwest Wyoming, the road dips a bit south to traverse northern Nebraska and mid-Iowa. From there it skims northern Illinois and Indiana, then along the Lake Erie coast of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The last leg crosses the Finger Lake region of upstate New York and continues through Massachusetts to Boston.

US 20 is considered one of the best, most interesting cross-country routes in America. I'm looking forward to exploring and experiencing it, especially in context and comparison with my three previous trans-continental drives: US 2, US 30 and US 50.

As usual, Happy has no clue what's about to happen, but she has proven herself to be an excellent "road dog" and will no doubt thoroughly enjoy the journey!

We will take a few days to reposition from Anacortes to Newport, but you can expect to join us on the road in earnest late next week… Stay tuned!

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