Saturday, May 04, 2013

US Hwy 20: Northern Illinois

It rained all day yesterday, often torrentially. I used the day to get some work done. Happy slept. In the afternoon I developed a case of cabin fever and went to a movie (Iron Man 3 -- Awesome!). Happy slept. The rain let up a bit in the evening, so I made her go out for a walk. She did her business in a cursory manner then slept through the night. What a life!

It was still overcast this morning, but without rain. Happy was obviously well rested, because she played an epic game of "loose dog" while I drank coffee and hooked up our road rig. She grinned from ear to ear when she figured out we were going for a ride. As usual, she hopped up into the passenger seat, curled up and was asleep again in moments. My dog the narcoleptic!

US Hwy 20 east of Galena returns to being a two-lane affair, and continues that way across most of Northern Illinois. A series of significant hills characterize the drive, much higher and longer than those we've crossed over the last two states. The farms have also "greened up" considerably, making the scenery much more attractive.

By mid-day I was across the state, just a few miles from Chicago. I've got a two-day work gig early next week in the Milwaukee area, so I put a virtual stake in the ground and turned north. I'm now parked at the Wisconsin State Fair Ground RV facility and Happy is now asleep in the sun.

I may have time to do a little exploring around here, but I'll be pretty busy with my other work through Wednesday of next week. Once that's complete, we'll shoot back down to Chicago and continue east… Stay tuned!

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Michelle K. said...

Between Iditarod and now these adventures, Miss Happy will end up being one of the most well-traveled pooches in the world! From rags to riches. Glorious.

Makes me smile to imagine her playing "Loose Dog". Video?