Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy: My First Presentation!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm happy I went to my first presentation!

Macgellan recently did a presentation to a big room full of humans. He took me along as something he calls a "prop" (whatever that is) and I had a really good time.

First of all, I got to wear my fancy sled dog outfit! That includes a nice new racing harness and my Iditarod ID tag (the special red jewelry you see hanging below my "everyday" baubles in the photo).

I mostly sat with a really nice lady who patted me, while Macgellan stood at the front of the room and talked about me and my former pack mates at SP Kennel.

He must be a pretty good speaker, because all the humans were paying really close attention. I did too, especially when he played videos in which I could hear my old friends talking. For once I knew what someone was saying!

I kept my eye on all the humans in the room, especially on anyone who looked like they could use a little extra attention.

This one lady looked like she could really use a hug, so I wandered over to give her one and let her lean on me for a few minutes.

Maybe that's what being a "prop" means, that I have to prop them up from time to time? If so, that's a really good job for me!

I must have dozed off at one point, because I suddenly woke up when the room erupted in applause. That startled me a little, but soon everything was better when the presentation ended and so many people gave me pats!

Macgellan says he's glad I had a good time, because we'll be doing lots more of these presentations together in the future. What's not to like? Fancy outfits, lots of pats and tons of attention is what I'm all about!

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Jim said...

Happy-"Next time let's have a dawg audience. I'll get the applause, you'll get the pats. Okay?"