Friday, October 27, 2017

Natchez Trace — Part 4

Once we got south of the madhouse called Jackson, MS -- I swear the locals use the Natchez Trace as an intra-urban speedway! -- the road returned to its pretty, varied, lightly travelled self. The sky was a little cloudy at times, but the weather remained excellent for almost the entire day.

There are many historical sites along the trail, each one of them telling a small piece of the story. I've only shared a few along the way, but they are all worth at least a minute if you ever drive this road. Of particular note, there are several ancient indian mounds, of which the Emeral Mound is probably the best. It started to rain pretty hard just as I began my climb up the hill, so this is all you get to see:

A definite highlight of the day was a lunch stop at the famous (seriously) Old Country Store Restaurant in Lorman, MS. The proprietor of this 100+ year old establishment is famous (seriously) for his fried chicken, and his reputation is not in error. I put some serious South in my mouth!

Reaching the end of this excellent drive, I took the mandatory photo of my rig at the southern terminus sign. Contrary to my expected plan from 2014, we did this drive in 4 days. I could see breaking the third leg in half and making 5 days out of it, but you could also do it in 3 days and still get the full experience. This road has beauty, history, nature and folklore, what else could you want?

Another complete and successful road trip is now officially on the blog! What's next? Well, I've been having a running debate with myself about that for several days and I'm still not sure. I plan to do some catching up with myself, sort through my gear and have a meeting with my dog, then we'll see... Stay tuned!

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