Thursday, August 17, 2006

Logbook: Trego-Libby-Eureka, MT

Trego_2Just as planned, my friend met me Tuesday morning at the Whitefish, MT train station and we went for breakfast. An hour-long ride to the north later, and we were pulling into the logging operation in Trego, MT. It was immediately fascinating and I proceeded to shoot about 5 gigs of stills and video, some of which I have edited into a Report that I think you will enjoy. Wednesday we drove a series of Forest Service roads to Libby, MT where we had lunch at The Libby Cafe (which has working wireless!) then drove over to the Libby Dam. The dam is very interesting and we had a great tour of it, but due to "security" I was not allowed to shoot any media so I can't share much about it. You will find the few shots I was able to take on the Photos page. Last night after dinner, we edited much of the logging operation media into a documentary movie for my friend. It's too long to share with you on this site, but I'm delighted to report that it turned out good enough to earn Macgellan his room and board for the week! I love this job! Today is a "Mac Day" as I catch up on media, reports, logbook entries, photos, etc. Tomorrow morning I will head south to Helena, MT where Macgellan will continue The Voyage! Stay tuned!

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