Saturday, August 12, 2006

Logbook: Oregon Coast

Oregoncoast1I woke up Thursday morning after a much needed, solid 10 hours of sleep! After a good breakfast -- fruit and granola, thank you very much -- I took a nice walk down to the beach and around a bit of Newport. Okay as seaside towns go, but nothing great. By mid-morning I was packed and ready when my friends called to say they were on their way into town. I grabbed my gear and waited by the side of the road -- something I imagine I may be doing a lot of in the future -- and waited. Upon their arrival, we had happy hugs all around, threw my stuff into their camper and drove north for lunch at the famous Mo’s Restaurant in Lincoln City. (Famous, maybe... good, definitely not.) From there it was a bit further north to Tilamook where Conrad and the kids toured the dairy factory while Peggy and I shopped for supplies at Fred Meyer. What an ordeal! Even with two of us working together, it took us an hour to check off the list. I will admit that some of our time was used snickering to each other about the various life forms in that rural mega-store... ‘Nuff said.

From there we went to the campground where I was very impressed at the teamwork involved in setting everything up... Especially young Christian who did a fine job assembling my deluxe private tent! The rest of the day was happily spent on the beach and having dinner. Friday was mostly a lazy camp day, highlighted by a nice 2.5 mile walk out onto the ocean bluff. Saturday morning we all packed up and drove to Portland. We had a bittersweet parting as they dropped me off at my motel; glad to have had our special time together to kick off The Voyage, looking forward to more good times ahead, and knowing that things will be different for some time to come.

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