Sunday, August 19, 2007

Haircut Chronicle: #9 - Falkirk, Scotland

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#9 - August 20, 2007, Falkirk, Scotland. Although my last cut was really short, it was done six weeks ago and I needed a little cleaning up around the edges in order to look presentable for my Mom's arrival. I found Susan in Falkirk, explained I just wanted "a wee trim" and she set to work. Within seconds the clippers had gone into overdrive and my repeated requests for a "wee" trim were answered by her saying "I'm only making it even!" Now my hair is really, really short. Cost: 7 Pounds ($14)


Kay said...

It is a toss up but this haircut may even beat out the last one for bad cuts!! And Susan does not look very happy either. You really do have to suspend your ego on the Voyage!!

Macgellan said...

Thanks, Kay, for understanding! Ego is out of the question on The Voyage! Hopefully, my hair will continue to grow out!