Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haircut Chronicle: #10 - Gdynia, Poland

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#10 - October 18, 2007, Gdynia, Poland. After my two bad haircuts in Scotland -- about the only bad experiences I had in that wonderful country -- I gave my hair two months to grow out so there would be something to work with. I was looking very scruffy around the edges, so I scouted out a salon here in Gdynia that was doing a good business. I told to Andre that I wanted him to leave my hair as long as possible on top, explaining that my hair sticks out in all kinds of wild ways when it is too short. He assured me that he understood and went to work. Before I could even blink an eye, out came the clippers and huge tufts of my hair were hitting the floor. From then on, no matter my protestations, he kept trimming and trimming and trimming. Once again, I shall now let my hair grow out for another couple of months before I face the next dreaded installment of the "Haircut Chronicles." Cost: 22 Zloty ($8)

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Wes said...

There is always a grin memorializing every photo ... perhaps, this is one of the best documentaries of the journey, i.e., leaving one's DNA behind in this way every 6-8 weeks, but accurately recording the result nonetheless.