Friday, October 19, 2007

Dram: Gdansk Gang


Who are all these people, and what are they all doing together? Well, here's the story:

Captain Adam had read in the newspaper that Elke and Gustavo -- first and second from left -- were here in Gdynia, midway on their motorcycle trip from Argentina to Australia. Thinking I might be interested in checking out some "similar" voyagers, he sent me their website link (Re-Moto) from which I emailed them about the coincidence of our being in Gdynia at the same time and the possiblitly of getting together. Elke replied that they would enjoy a meet-up and that she had also heard from Maciej -- third from left -- another global motorcyclist who lives in Gdansk (MotoSyberia) and had invited all of us to have dinner with him and Ania -- lower left -- at their home.

We had a great time together, swapping stories, showing photos and videos, sharing experiences and savoring the company of others who really "get" what we are up to from similar perspectives. Although our modes of travel are different -- even their motorcycle experiences are very different -- our voyaging experiences have a lot in common. We partied... er, convened... until the wee hours and I look forward to keeping in touch with them going forward.

Thanks everyone for a really great evening!

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