Saturday, October 24, 2009

AlCan: Day 3 -- Quesnel, BC to Chetwynd, BC

One of the most noticeable aspects of driving so far north, so fast at this time of year, is how suddenly the foliage changes. Just yesterday I was in thick, colorful woods, and this morning the deciduous trees were almost bare. The landscape really opened up and sped by.

After a pretty fast, clear, dry two-hour drive through the morning, I pulled into the city of Prince George. You might not normally think of a place this size as a city, but relative to the larger context in which it is situated it certainly deserves the moniker.

My mid-day stop for food and fuel already had the feeling of routine, one that I will repeat another five times on this drive. How quickly we become accustomed!

I did take a little time to check in with a local tire and auto shop about what I might expect going further north. I am delighted to report that they looked at my road rig and said I was good to go without question or worry.

Speaking of my road rig, here's a photo of Darth that I just had to stop and take. We gained elevation throughout the afternoon, and with it we experienced a noticeable drop in temperature. Snow-capped mountains were another sure sign that we're getting higher, colder and further north.

At various times during the afternoon, the skies cleared and the scenery was just lovely. Except for a few areas of road construction, the drive was fast -- averaging about 50 mph -- and easy on a good, smooth roadway. I've stopped in the lovely little town of Chetwynd, still just a bit short of my intended destination in Dawson Creek, but quite satisfied with my progress for the day.

I've had no idea what to expect from this drive, but so far I'd have to say it's been pretty much a breeze. Long days behind the wheel, but quite manageable and trouble free. I suspect, however, that my luck is bound to change and conditions will become substantially more demanding!

Here is the documentary video for Day 3:

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