Thursday, October 01, 2009

Heading North For A Second Winter

I've just gotten word from the SP Kennel "Bosses" -- Aliy and ChaCha -- and it's now official: I'm heading north for a second winter!

Pretty much every day over the summer, I found myself reflecting on my time in Alaska last winter and how powerful it was for me. Not just living and working with the dogs, but also the whole winter experience and being part of a team for a change.

I called Aliy recently and told her that I am interested in returning, not just to do the same thing again -- that's not really my style -- but to "take it to the next level" (whatever that might mean). I wanted to know what she thought about the idea.

Aliy was in complete accord, saying how much they appreciated all my work and that it sounded right to see if we could all improve. "We're all competitors around here" she said, "Even you. In your own way you want to see just what you can do. This is possibly the most difficult environment in the world to do what you do: Make things happen and report about it. I think you gotta give it another go, and of course we want you back!" She paused for just a second after that and said, with an obvious smile in her voice, "Let me talk to the dog boss and see what she says."

ChaCha has given the plan an enthusiastic paws-up on behalf of all the dogs, and I'm now making preparations to head north. I plan to drive my "Road Rig" from Seattle to Fairbanks, including the famous -- infamous? -- AlCan Highway and live in it all winter... Stay tuned for updates!

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