Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Says "Mission Accomplished!"

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... That's why they call me Happy!

Well, I'll tell you... It's been another whirlwind day here in Anchorage! We had meetings all morning, then photo shoots all afternoon and our big presentation tonight at Covenant House. The boss did a really good job talking about how hard it is being a human sometimes, and that "winning" sometimes means solving each problem you face and keeping going until you finish. I never knew she had such a hard time on the Iditarod last year!

I was quite the star of the show, though, and everybody loved me! I got lots of attention and it was all really great except for hearing dogs barking from inside a little black box. It was really loud, but you couldn't see any dogs inside it. It kinda creeped me out.

Anyway, Aliy says I did a really great job here and Allen even said I was "Perfect!" (He really likes me, you know, now that helped him get all the way to Nome. Have I ever told you that I'm an Iditarod finisher?)

So, I say "mission accomplished" here in Anchorage!

We just got back to our room at Clarion Suites, and I headed straight for my inside dog house. Seriously, this celebrity stuff is exhausting. I'm just human tired and ready to go home! We have a midnight flight, after which we'll get back the Kennel at about three o'clock in the morning. That's really late, even in dog hours. I don't care, though, because I can sleep in as late as I want tomorrow. We celebrities get to do that, you know.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my trip. We shot a bunch of pictures and video today, so you can expect to see lots more about my trip here on the Dog Log. You're excited about that, I know!

Love, Happy The Sled Dog

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