Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VoM2: Atlantic Crossing on Rickmers Shanghai

We had a pretty uneventful crossing from Philadelphia to Antwerp, but here are a few highlights for you. First, you can see Third Officer Ken belting out a song during a Saturday night Karaoke Party with the crew:

Next, yes, that’s yours truly sharing a duet with our Steward Emerson (we scored a 98 out of 100 on the Karaoke machine!):

This photo doesn’t really capture the feeling of being on such a large ship and having it roll so much, but perhaps you can at least see that even 30,000 tons worth of ship doesn’t give you any immunity from the power of the sea!:

Finally, cocktail time for the passengers! (Why am I the only one with a glass in my hand?) Clockwise from me: Lani (US), Alex (NZ), Aloha (US), Ursula (Swiss) and Katherine (France):

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