Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VoM2: Land's End, Cornwall

All week, people have been telling me that I won’t like Land’s End, the furthest southwest tip of Cornwall (and of Great Britain for that matter). They’ve been saying it’s a “rubbish place” with an obnoxious theme park and horrible crowds, etc.

Well, I drove out here yesterday across fogbound moors and found it is exactly my kind of rugged coastal place!

It’s also practically deserted — being well before “the season” — so I’ve had the little hotel here practically all to myself. The dreaded theme park is like a ghost town, but I just had to check it out and was rewarded with my own private viewings of the three main attractions. I was the only person in two “rides” and in one theater… My own private theme park!

The weather was excellent again today so I took to the coastal path and cruised several miles in both directions to nearby coves. Beautiful scenery, brisk sea breezes and hardly another soul in sight… Perfect!

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