Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VoM2: Lundy Island

Lucky for us, Betty and I just happened to catch the first sailing of the season from Ilfracombe to a little island called Lundy, about 24 miles out into the Celtic Sea. After a pleasant two hour ride, an amazing piece of rock with a bit of turf on it comes into view, home to only about 25 full-time residents.

It’s a healthy walk up to the plateau where a dozen or so buildings are all that occupy the island. Most are small accommodation buildings, each one cottage-like with its own unique style. There’s an inn of sorts where you can have coffee and get basic meals.

After that, it’s 3 miles to the other end of this half-mile wide island, covered in moors and marsh with the occasional stone wall and small groups of livestock. There are walking paths everywhere, around both the island’s plateau rim and it’s rugged shore.

There is no noise, and on a misty day like we had it is simply beautiful. In the sunlight, I bet it would be magnificent. If you like rugged little islands as much as I do, this is a true gem!

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