Wednesday, April 06, 2011

VoM2: St. Davids, Wales

I drove west from Groes-Faen on Monday, mostly through fog and light rain, out to a tiny city on the southwest peninsula of Wales called St. Davids. Yesterday’s weather was a nasty combination of cold, wind and rain, so I spent the day inside doing chores and catching up with myself.

The sun returned this morning, so I hit the Pembrokeshire Coast Path for a nice long walk. The terrain around here is just the kind of rugged coast that I like so much and never seem to get enough of.

As usual, I enjoyed making a few friends along the way; mostly horses and dogs with the occasional human thrown in for good form.

In St. Davids itself, I took a quick stroll around the cathedral and the ruins of the bishop’s palace, yet another fantastic example of how much power and wealth the church once had. I’m going to stay in the area for another day tomorrow before heading north on Friday. Stay tuned!

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