Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bermuda Run - Day 4

By Wednesday morning, conditions had eased a lot, with winds from the southwest at 10-20 knots and seas that were much more comfortable. I was happy to be able to resume my full watch duties.

In addition to restoring the full main sail, we flew an immense asymmetrical spinnaker that really gathered up the wind. The autopilot was mostly able to cope with this sail setting, but the stronger gusts would overpower it at times and require very swift intervention on our part to help steer the boat back down wind. Pete went up on deck to check out the rigging and caught a very artistic shot of his shadow against the spinnaker.

By late afternoon, the wind had freshened enough to take down the spinnaker and hoist the jib. This allowed us to put the autopilot back in complete control and let me do what I do best: Sit back and watch the horizon to make sure we don't hit anything!

The wind increased still more in the night, and when I relieved Roy at 1am we were barreling along like a freight train. The boat is extremely powerful and it was a thrilling -- though some times a bit scary -- ride!

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