Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update: Time Flies!

After completing my US 50 road trip, I drove up to south-central Pennsylvania and spent a week visiting with family and friends. It rained almost constantly -- sometimes what I'd call "Biblically" -- but I stayed dry and comfy in my camper, and Darth had no problems with anything, of course!

Last week I drove upstate New York to do a little preliminary scouting for something I've got in mind for next year. It's not nearly clear enough to describe yet, but if it comes together I'll let you know.

The highlight of my week, however, was having dinner in Rochester with my niece Christine and her friend Tyia. You may recall that Christine and I last dined together in Paris, and although we had a Mexican feast this time we did our best to maintain tradition by ordering multiple desserts. Thank you ladies for a very memorable evening!

Over this past week I've cleared out my camper and put it in storage. I've handed Darth over to my good friend Marty -- whom you may remember from my summer travels in Alaska -- for him to use and take care of this winter. I've also packed up a bunch of stuff and stored it in the garage at my parents' condo.

Why have I done all this? I promise to reveal "what's next" very, very soon… Stay tuned!

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