Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bermuda Run - Day 5

Thursday was a beautiful day for sailing! We set our sails for a strong, steady beam reach and powered our way toward Bermuda. On a day like this, it's easy to forget the other days!

For those of you who may be technically inclined, here's a photo showing one of our gauge clusters: 15.4 knots of wind giving us a speed of 8 knots. We probably could have gotten a little more speed out of that wind -- and certainly would have tried to if we were racing -- but 8 knots is a good average cruising speed that didn't require us to constantly work the set. That's an important part of the equation if you're going 24 hours a day with a limited crew.

By mid-afternoon the tiny island of Bermuda came into sight -- exactly where we expected it to thanks to all of our GPS technology! -- and we cruised into quaint little St. George's Harbor.

We tied up at the customs and immigration office for the usual process of paperwork, then made our way to a small local marina for the night. As fast as we could, we secured the boat, took showers and headed into town for a hearty, hot meal. We toasted our successful Bermuda run, then hit our bunks for some much overdue sleep!

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