Thursday, June 06, 2013

Happy: I'm The Princess of Monaco!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm the Princess of Monaco!

Macgellan is attending a two-day meeting in downtown Philadelphia, and of course I'm with him.

We're staying at the Hotel Monaco and I gotta tell you: They're treating me like royalty!

First of all, when we checked in they gave me treats!

Then, when we got to our room I saw that they had a nice big, fluffy bed and water bowl all set up for me.

Everybody is really nice to me, and I'm very popular.

Here you can see me with a nice lady in the foyer, and with Kristin (she's my favorite) in reception:

The people in Macgellan's meeting invited me to attend, so I did! They did a lot of talking and thinking while I did a lot of sleeping under the table. Meetings are so exhausting!

We went outside during all the breaks, and I had a great time chillin' with the guys at the door. They love me, too, and said I'm the Princess of Monaco! While we were walking in the park I met a dude who didn't look quite right, so I wasn't too sure about having my picture taken with him.

So far this is one of my best trips ever, and the Hotel Monaco totally rocks!

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