Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy: My First Polo Match!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm happy because I went to my first polo match!

First of all, we drove to a really big field which was surrounded by lots of families having picnics. Macgellan and our friend Lisa set up table for us, with lots of yummy treats on it. I didn't get to try everything they ate, but what I got to sample of it was pretty darn tasty!

After we'd eaten and I'd settled down for a little nap, a whole herd of horses suddenly trotted onto the field. That struck me as more than a little weird, because for me and my sled dog pack mates up in the wilds of Alaska horses are… Well… To be totally honest, horses are usually just food!

Nobody else seemed to be bothered by the horses running around. People just kept clapping and cheering while the horses chased a little white ball all over the field. I gotta tell you, sometimes I just don't understand humans! (And when that happens, I usually just take a nap!)

During a break in the action, Macgellan woke me up and we walked around the field for a while. A few kids came up to us and asked to give me pats. You know I'm all about the patting, so I said "You betcha! Get after it!"

On the way back to our table, Macgellan handed one of my souvenir cards to the announcer and said, "If the kids are looking for something to do, you can tell them Happy The Sled Dog is here."

The next thing I know, the announcer is talking about me and a whole swarm of kids from all over the field are gathering around me, giving me pats, talking to me and even asking me questions!

After the initial rush, Macgellan led me out of the crowd and we posed for photos with some smaller groups and individuals. All I had to do was just stand there and enjoy the pats, but sometimes I gave them my special smile just for fun!

After a while, the horses came back onto the field and all the kids returned to their families. Being a celebrity sometimes makes me sleepy, so I settled down for a little nap. I slept until the end of the match, then slept in my truck all the way back to our dog house. What a great day!

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Joanne from upstate NY said...

LOVE the blogs, Happy! Keep 'em coming. I never much understood the whole polo thing myself.