Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy: A Swimming Pool?

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I learned another thing that's totally new to me!

Macgellan and I visited some friends who have what's called a "swimming pool" in their backyard. I've never heard of -- and certainly never seen -- such a thing. To me it was just a big expanse of what I know of as "open water."

Sled dogs like me always stay away from open water because it can be very dangerous, but one of their black dogs just jumped right into it. I was worried for a minute, until she climbed out… and then she jumped right back in!

She tried to get me to follow her, but I wasn't having any of that nonsense... That canine is crazy!

Macgellan says that maybe one day he'll go in the swimming pool. If he does, I might give it a try… But don't count on it!


Michelle K. said...

Happy, you are right...that swimming is just crazy talk! ;o)

Anonymous said...


It's just thawed ice. You know, that hard stuff that you are so familiar with in Alaska.
I do understand --- You really are not a water dog.
On a hot day, it will help you cool off if your brave enough sweet girl.